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Top Ten Auto Insurance and Car Insurance Companies in USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand


Auto insurance and car insurance are fundamental elements in ensuring the safety and financial protection of vehicle owners worldwide. The intricate weave of rules and regulations, and the plethora of companies offering these services, can make it a daunting task to pinpoint the best options. In this guide, we'll discuss the top ten auto and car insurance providers, as well as the leading auto insurance quote providers in the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

USA: A Wide Spectrum of Choices

In the vast expanse of the USA, car insurance is not just a recommendation—it's often a legal mandate. Each state presents its unique requirements and regulations, but the focus on securing auto insurance remains consistent.

Top 10 Insurance Companies:

1.   State Farm: Pros: Comprehensive coverage, excellent customer service. Cons: Premium rates may be on the higher side.

2.   GEICO: Pros: Competitive prices, extensive online tools. Cons: Might not be as personalized in customer service.

3.   Progressive: Pros: Flexible pricing options, online transparency. Cons: Rates could escalate for high-risk drivers.

4.   Allstate: Pros: Broad coverage, local agent benefits. Cons: Potentially expensive premiums.

5.   USAA: Pros: Tailored for military families, superior service. Cons: Exclusivity restricts broader clientele.

6.   Farmers: Pros: Customizable policies, established reputation. Cons: Not always the cheapest option.

7.   Liberty Mutual: Pros: Global presence, numerous discounts. Cons: Varying customer service feedback.

8.   Nationwide: Pros: Wide-ranging coverage, Vanishing Deductible. Cons: Not available in all states.

9.   Travelers: Pros: Comprehensive packages, hybrid/electric vehicle discount. Cons: Pricey for younger drivers.

10.               American Family: Pros: Customized plans, loyalty benefits. Cons: Limited to certain states.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Quote Providers:

1.   QuoteWizard

2.   InsuranceQuotes

3.   NetQuote

4.   Insurify

5.   EverQuote

6.   The Zebra

7.   QuoteLab

8.   Auto-Owners Insurance

9.   Gabi

10.               Policygenius

UK: A Legacy of Stringent Regulations

With its dense urban populations and precise road networks, the UK mandates at least third-party car insurance for drivers.

Top 10 Insurance Companies:

1.   Admiral: Pros: Multi-car advantages, innovative Black Box Insurance. Cons: Single-car policies may be pricier.

2.   Aviva: Pros: Diverse coverage, robust customer relations. Cons: Absent from price comparison sites.

3.   Direct Line: Pros: Comprehensive covers, protection against uninsured drivers. Cons: Exclusivity may limit discount opportunities.

4.   LV: Pros: High customer contentment, expansive coverage. Cons: Premiums could be steeper for some.

5.   AXA: Pros: Global reach, varied services. Cons: Customer feedback varies.

6.   Tesco Bank: Pros: Clubcard discount, established brand trust. Cons: Might not be best for specialized coverage.

7.   Saga: Pros: Tailored for over 50s, extensive travel benefits. Cons: Exclusivity for older demographic.

8.   Churchill: Pros: Repair cover, reputable brand. Cons: Varied feedback on claim processing.

9.   More Than: Pros: Flexible covers, pet inclusion. Cons: Young driver rates can be high.

10.               Hastings Direct: Pros: Competitive rates, straightforward policies. Cons: Mixed customer reviews.

Top 10 Car Insurance Quote Providers:

1.   Compare The Market

2.   GoCompare

3.   MoneySuperMarket


5.   Uswitch

6.   Quotezone



9.   Quidco

10.               TopCashback

Canada: A Dual System of Public and Private Insurers

Car insurance in Canada oscillates between government-run schemes in certain provinces and private insurers in others.

Top 10 Insurance Companies:

1.   Intact Insurance: Pros: Varied coverage, stellar service. Cons: Rates may lean on the higher side.

2.   Aviva Canada: Pros: Inclusive policies, good driver rewards. Cons: Premiums can be steep.

3.   TD Insurance: Pros: Adaptable policies, student-friendly. Cons: Prices might fluctuate based on regions.

4.   Desjardins: Pros: Green vehicle incentives, user-centric portal. Cons: Local agents might be sparse.

5.   Belairdirect: Pros: Online-first approach, competitive quotes. Cons: Regional restrictions.

6.   Cooperators: Pros: Comprehensive coverage, Canadian-owned. Cons: Higher rates in certain provinces.

7.   RBC Insurance: Pros: Good bundling options, established brand. Cons: Limited specialty coverages.

8.   Wawanesa: Pros: Competitive rates for good drivers, comprehensive offerings. Cons: Claim process feedback varies.

9.   Economical Insurance: Pros: Broad policies, good for businesses. Cons: Not always the cheapest.

10.               Sonnet: Pros: Quick online quotes, easy customization. Cons: Newer to the market, evolving reputation.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Quote Providers:


2.   InsuranceHotline




6.   Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

7.   Surex

8.   Shop Insurance Canada

9.   My Choice

10.               Oracle RMS

New Zealand: Navigating a Mixed Terrain

New Zealand's varied terrains, from urban sprawls to rural stretches, underscore the importance of car insurance.

Top 10 Insurance Companies:

1.   AMI: Pros: Comprehensive coverage, bonuses for safe drivers. Cons: Restricted third-party options.

2.   Tower: Pros: Flexible policies, multi-policy benefits. Cons: Few customer complaints about claims.

3.   State Insurance: Pros: Expansive coverage, positive user feedback. Cons: Rates may lean higher.

4.   AA Insurance: Pros: Beneficial for young drivers, consistent service. Cons: Limited online tools.

5.   Sovereign: Pros: Integration with health/life insurance, full-scale plans. Cons: Not auto-specialized.

6.   Vero: Pros: Business-centric policies, global backing. Cons: Individual coverage might be pricier.

7.   IAG: Pros: Dominant market share, robust policies. Cons: Feedback varies based on region.

8.   FMG: Pros: Rural focus, comprehensive farm policies. Cons: Urban users might find better rates elsewhere.

9.   Youi: Pros: Tailored policies, 24/7 claims. Cons: Newer to the NZ market.

10.               QBE: Pros: International reputation, wide coverage. Cons: Not always the cheapest.

Top 10 Car Insurance Quote Providers:

1.   MoneyHub

2.   CompareBear NZ

3.   Glimp

4.   LifeDirect

5.   NZ Compare

6.   Canstar Blue


8.   Pinnacle Life

9.   SmartInsure

10.               Turners


The dynamics of auto insurance and car insurance, from obtaining a personalized quote to selecting the ideal coverage, cater to the diverse needs of drivers across the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. This guide, enriched with insights about top players in the market, serves as a beacon for anyone navigating the intricate lanes of car insurance. In the end, staying informed and up-to-date ensures a smoother journey on the road of auto insurance.


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